Monday, March 28, 2016

Salt Lake Tour Guides

So this is what our family picture will look like for the next month. We are excited to have Jake and Shay (or, "Jake and Shake" as Ryder so lovingly refers to them) visiting us from New Zealand. They were two of Jason's young men when he served as the president in our ward and they have spent the last 9 months earning enough money for this trip. We are excited to share a little slice of America with them. It's been cute to see the things they get excited about like red Solo cups, tumbleweeds, golf carts and electric can openers. And we love feeling that sense of home away from home when they're around, with their kiwi accents, phrases and boxes and boxes of NZ lollies they spoiled us with. Ryder has been especially excited to have them here, they've been patient with all his energy! He asked the other day if he can keep them forever. They flew into Salt Lake and we spent an afternoon touring around temple square.

We've been to the Conference center a few times, but never took the tour. It was interesting, but about an hour longer than Ryder's attention span. Hopefully the other kids got a little more out of it, if anything, when we watch General Conference next weekend they'll think it's cool that they were there.

It was cool to see and recognize all the paintings of the pictures the kids see in their little blue Book of Mormon.

When you ask a stranger to take your picture. So glad Shay's beanie and Ryder's hair spikes could join us for the family portrait.

I love this picture, Ryder is in heaven with these boys to wrestle.

I had to laugh when I look over at lunch and Jake is taking pictures and videoing his first taste of Chick fil a. Those waffle fries are definitely photo worthy!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Snow Report

Back in February Jason took a boy's trip to Idaho with some guys from the ward. They packed the weekend with snowmobiling then boarding at Grand Targhee and Big Sky Montana. I don't know much about the details, all I know is he had a great time and was exhausted when he got back! And he looks really cute in his snowboarding gear. 

And then when we were in Utah Jason took the kids boarding a few times. The plan was to go all together as a family for our first time with Ryder on a board. But then Jayden woke up violently ill that morning. Poor guy, it was so sad. Kylie and Maddox had fun boarding with their dad and cousins, though. Maddox is really getting a hang of it!

Jayden was excited that he was finally feeling well enough to go to Brighton one day. Jason was nice to bring along some cousins and a friend as well and they all had fun hanging together. Sad to miss out again, but glad they could make some great memories on the slopes! I have my own memories here when Jason used to take me night boarding here when we were at BYU. Still crazy to see how much life has changed since those days!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

 Todd + Mady = Forever

We are beyond thrilled to have Mady in our family, she is the perfect addition and I can't think of a better match for my brother, Todd. Those two are just the cutest. We pulled the kids out of school a day early before spring break, spent the night at my sister Jessica's house in Cedar (such great hosts!) and barely made it up to the Mount Timpanogas temple in time. But so grateful we could be there to witness and celebrate such a beautiful occasion and to spend time with loved ones.

This was the same temple we were married in, it was so cool to be back here with our kids and reflect on all the wonderful memories made since that incredible day almost 17 years ago.

Totally blurry, but I could not not post this picture of these beautiful girls looking way to grown up!

And these handsome boys. I love that all my kids have their best cousin friends. If only we could see them more often!

We lucked out to squeeze in a tour of the new Provo City Center Temple in between the luncheon and the reception. It was the second to last day of the open house and we were really looking forward to going and taking the kids. We used to attend this tabernacle for Stake Conference before it was completely gutted by a fire. Being able to walk through after it had been rebuilt as a temple was pretty awe inspiring. We loved being there with the Caziers too, even if our crazy crew of 11 kids was a bit of a handful! Nothing that pizza in the park afterwards couldn't take care of.

The reception was just excited for the new life these two will create!